I created this blog to share my experience as a white librarian committed to examining how white supremacy shows up in my life and work in all it’s messiness. I hope my candid sharing helps demystify whiteness and white supremacy to anyone new to these concepts.*

I belong to many dominant groups – white, cisgender, heterosexual, middle/upper-class, able-bodied – whose privileges are often invisible to me. Recognizing these privileges, the first step to changing systems of oppression, is a life-long process filled with many humbling moments.

I will screw up in this work and am grateful for all the feedback I have gotten.

My ongoing learning consists of:

*There is a tension here that Robin DiAngelo describes well: “While my goal is to interrupt the invisibility and denial of white racism, I am simultaneously reinforcing it by centering my voice as a white person focusing on white people…I believe the need for whites to work toward raising their own and other whites’ consciousness is a necessary first step.” (What Does It Mean to be White? – p. 6).

Ok. Now it’s Fun Picture Time!

Here I am enjoying a popsicle a long time ago:


I’d love to connect with my fellow librarians interested in or who are already doing this work.

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Rachel Shaw

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