New to Whiteness?

When I decided* to dig deeper into the whole idea of whiteness, I gingerly searched on “white privilege” in Google. The first page of search results had a few reputable links mixed with links decrying white privilege as a myth perpetuated by bleeding heart liberals for self-flagellation purposes.

Uh-oh, I thought, I’m a bleeding heart liberal. I could hear my Rush Limbaugh-loving, Yes on California Proposition 187 dad (whom I loved very much!) whispering in my ear: Don’t be a sucker. White privilege is made up to make liberals feel guilty. 

Ever rebellious, I ignored his voice. But I still got confused by the opposing voices from all those web sites.

What do you think I did next, dear reader? Yes! I found some books!

Here are a few accessible (not too academic) books that helped me BEGIN to wrap my brain around race, racism, white supremacy, and privilege:

It is worth noting that two of these three books are written by white cisgender men. When I chose these books to read, I was unconsciously drawn to read about race and racism from a white perspective. This is an example of white supremacy: only white voices are valid. This doesn’t take away from the value of these books, but it is important to notice. 

*The luxury of “deciding” to learn about race is an excellent example of white privilege. 


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